Gain Confidence and Achieve Greatness eBook

Gain Confidence and Achieve Greatness eBook

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You are capable and powerful so what’s stopping you from standing out and winning in your personal and professional life?

This eBook was written by Empowerment Coach, Author, and Founder of Women By Choice Global, Andromeda Raheem.

No matter your goals or profession, there are 2 ingredients that you must have to achieve success both personally and professionally. Those ingredients are Confidenceand Consistency. As a high-achiever in both the corporate (past) and entrepreneurial (present) worlds, Andromeda wrote this eBook to assist you with understanding the power of confidence and the importance of consistency in all areas of your life. This short, but powerful eBook includes 3 lessons.

I. How to Identify the Barriers that are Keeping You from Being Confident and Strategies to Overcome Them

II. How to Build Your Confidence Level Authentically to Achieve Your Goals

III. Strategies for Becoming Consistent and Disciplined Daily

Upon completion of this eBook, you will have a greater perspective on the importance of your mindset and daily habits in relation to being confident, achieving your goals, and reaching your desired level of success. You will have learned strategies that can be implemented immediately to put yourself on the path to win in both your personal and professional life. You will be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to take control of your life and make yourself accountable for achieving greatness and reaching your full potential.

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