Empowerment Coaching

Andromeda Raheem is an experienced Empowerment Coach who has dedicated her life to helping women discover their power, reach their goals, and manifest the life they desire and deserve. As the Founder of She Wins Society and author of She Wins: The Ultimate Guide for Women to Gain a Winning Mindset and Lead a Winning Lifestyle, Andromeda knows what it takes mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to transform a vision into reality. Through her unique “Faith and Focus” coaching style, Andromeda provides an environment for women to find solutions to their problems and gain the confidence needed to reach their full potential. She also shares knowledge and wisdom from her own personal experiences to help her clients better understand why they are running into certain obstacles and how they can overcome them with greater ease. Andromeda is a trusted source to share your thoughts, feelings, goals, and dreams with and she has a track record of helping hundreds of women become winners in their lives and careers.

Andromeda specializes in helping you to:

  • Find your unique purpose and fulfill it.

  • Overcome mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck.

  • Regain motivation after going through a disappointing experience.

  • Gain clarity to continue pursuing your goals.

  • Release thoughts or feelings that are holding you back without fear of judgment.

Andromeda has been featured in Life Coach Network Magazine, The Huffington Post, Rolling Out, Sheen Magazine, and more.

Andromeda's coaching style guarantees that you will gain an empowering perspective on life and be better prepared to handle obstacles and challenges that come your way. Instead of allowing difficult experiences to decrease your power, you will learn how to use every experience as a learning lesson to strengthen your power. You will be less likely to allow outside forces cause you stress and learn how to effectively manage your interactions and surroundings. You will learn ways to maintain focus on and achieve your goals, as well as realize greater self-worth. You will receive lifelong tools that will assist you to be confident, powerful, successful, and unstoppable. With Andromeda as your coach, you will be in position to win.

What Andromeda’s clients are saying…

"Working with you has been nothing short of amazing. Any doubt or fear I had, you definitely gave me the extra push needed to move forward. Your guidance and kind words of wisdom will forever be with me. I'm so appreciative for everything, you are definitely an inspiration." - Markisha, Texas
"My coaching session with Andromeda was beyond amazing! There are many coaches out there who over promise and under deliver, but this was far from the case with Andromeda. Her coaching style is very personal and tailor made. After my first session, I began implementing the principles she taught me immediately. Days after speaking with her, my upcoming event sold out and I landed my very first client! She is the truth. She made me want to operate in nothing less than excellence in my business. If you're contemplating booking a session with her, stop now and hit the button. I made back my investment so fast, I was shocked. I can't say thank you enough, Andromeda!" - Falon, Georgia
"I can not help but to sob in gratitude for you! I live my life being grateful and embracing victories big and small. You are a big part of my Fearless 2 Greatness journey. I can't thank you enough for believing in me when I didn't. Thank you!" - Evelyn, California