Do you know what a lot of women have in common, but wouldn’t dare admit in public? Many of us are waiting for someone we deem to be smarter, better, prettier, or more accomplished than we are to tell us that we are good enough to pursue our passions, be confident, reach our goals, and live the life that we deserve. I know because I have coached many women who struggle with allowing their light to shine for fear of being told that they don’t have the right to. I also know because I too have been guilty of sitting on my gifts while waiting for someone to tell me that I am worthy enough to unwrap them. Well, I am over, above, and past seeking, waiting, or asking for permission to win. I have decided that for the rest of my days, I am going to show up, shine bright, and fully operate in my purpose. One of my goals is to assist women like you to do the same.

Who in the hell gave these people you’re waiting for validation from permission to hold you back from growing, glowing, and winning? That is a serious question that I really want you to answer. What I learned from answering that question myself is that the only way something has power over you is if you allow it to. Somewhere along the way, you decided that you were less valuable, powerful, and capable than others and the only way that you could be good enough is if a certain person or certain group of people liked, accepted, and approved of you. Well sis, I have some great news. None of that is true. In fact, if you look back in history, some of the greatest people accomplished some of the greatest things when they were doubted, rejected, disliked, and ostracized. Just think about Noah building that ark and being laughed at and mocked. Turns out, the joke was on all his haters when that flood came through. A TV producer told Oprah Winfrey that she was unfit for television news because she got too invested in her stories. Turns out, that was her gift and because she chose to stick with it, she now has her own television network, after years of investing in other people’s stories, and is worth 2.6 billion dollars today. I’m not saying that breaking free of the need for others approval and acceptance is easy (it took me years of sleeping on myself before I finally realized that I didn’t need anyone else to wake me up), but I am saying that the choice to do so is so worth it. Once you realize that you’ve got the power and you are the magic, you’ll stop waiting for permission and start putting yourself in position to win.

The funny, but not so funny thing, is that while many of us are seeking permission, attention, and acceptance from others to feel like we’re winning or good enough to win, we could actually be working towards achieving the goals that would gain us the acknowledgment, attention, and appreciation we desire from our friends, family, peers, and colleagues. Sis, here’s something to keep in mind. No one takes notice of the caterpillar, but everyone gets wide-eyed over the butterfly. Instead of waiting for someone to notice that you’re worthy, get to work on becoming someone who is obviously worthy. Greatness is already within you. You were born with gifts, talents, and purpose. The permission you are seeking from others to operate in your greatness and use your gifts has already been given to you by The Most High. And if you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will win regardless of who doesn’t see your value right now. Tap into your inner Noah and Oprah and go get what God intended you to have. You don’t need permission from anyone to get what is already yours. You are already good enough to win. You were born to win.

If you need assistance with gaining more confidence, finding your purpose, and/or overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs, I invite you to schedule an Empowerment Coaching Session with me. You can do so here. I look forward to working and winning with you!

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