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Just Keeping It Real

Over the last 3 days, I had the opportunity to both share my story and listen to the stories of 14 other women through Women by Choice Global's first virtual event, Sisters Sharing Stories, and it was an amazing experience. I ended each day with a full heart and feeling more connected to my sisters. If nothing else, it was more confirmation for me that I need to create and participate in more experiences like this. I came up with the idea for this event because my soul craves more genuine and honest interactions between women. Living in a society where interacting on social media has become the new normal in regards to human relations, I am personally over having...

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Why Social Media Breaks Are Needed

Social media has created a space for us to discover, connect with, and interact with people we likely wouldn’t be able to without it. I am a fan of social media. I have received great opportunities and met great people by being present on social media. Honestly, I have no idea where Women by Choice would be if I had not leveraged social media to gain exposure for our network, events, blog, and pretty much everything we do. However, after using social media consistently for many years, I have learned that taking breaks from it is necessary. As the founder of a global network for women who manages most aspects of our organization and coaches women to be empowered and...

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