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Winning the Fight For Sisterhood

Can I keep it real, sis? I’m a woman and I love us for real, but too many of us make it difficult for others to genuinely love and support us. This is why I really stress the importance of making sure that we get our minds right and heal completely from past painful and traumatic experiences.  Recently, I really considered giving up on my mission to unite and empower women through Women by Choice because I got tired of dealing with women. Not all women, but enough to skew my perspective on whether fighting for sisterhood and unity among women is still worth my time, energy, and sacrifices. I know that, from the outside looking in, what I do...

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Just Keeping It Real

Over the last 3 days, I had the opportunity to both share my story and listen to the stories of 14 other women through Women by Choice Global's first virtual event, Sisters Sharing Stories, and it was an amazing experience. I ended each day with a full heart and feeling more connected to my sisters. If nothing else, it was more confirmation for me that I need to create and participate in more experiences like this. I came up with the idea for this event because my soul craves more genuine and honest interactions between women. Living in a society where interacting on social media has become the new normal in regards to human relations, I am personally over having...

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Me, Myself, and My Sisters

“Never depend on anyone but yourself.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that or maybe even your own life experiences have caused you to think those thoughts to yourself. I totally understand where people are coming from when they make that statement because I have been disappointed a lot in my life by people, so much that at some point I built up walls around my heart to keep people from getting close enough to hurt me. However, the thing I learned about walls is that they don’t only keep other people out, they hold you in. Those walls kept me from not only giving love, but receiving it also. They stopped me from giving support to others so I...

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