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Why Social Media Breaks Are Needed

Social media has created a space for us to discover, connect with, and interact with people we likely wouldn’t be able to without it. I am a fan of social media. I have received great opportunities and met great people by being present on social media. Honestly, I have no idea where Women by Choice would be if I had not leveraged social media to gain exposure for our network, events, blog, and pretty much everything we do. However, after using social media consistently for many years, I have learned that taking breaks from it is necessary. As the founder of a global network for women who manages most aspects of our organization and coaches women to be empowered and...

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The Way to 100K

It all began with one choice...the choice to stop settling for a life of brokenness, chaos, and dysfunction and start taking responsibility for my own happiness and success. In May of 2014, I started a blog, this blog. It wasn’t anything fancy or elaborate, just a space for me to pursue my writing passion and share my messages with anyone interested in reading what I had to say. I wasn’t doing it to earn money or gain popularity, I just wanted to do something purposeful that fulfilled me. Getting out my innermost thoughts and feelings about life and relationships was really more therapeutic for me than anything. I never imagined that it would lead me down a path to discovering...

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4 Ways to Get & Stay Happy

I am happy. Those 3 words mean a lot to me because for many years, I couldn’t say it and mean it. It took me some time to fully understand what “happiness is a choice” really means and apply it to my life. Looking back, I can totally see why I spent many days unhappy, discouraged, and even depressed. I was choosing to be unhappy because I was making others responsible for my mood, attitude, and confidence level. I was constantly in my feelings over the actions of others, worried about what others would say about my decisions, and afraid of failing because I didn’t want to feel shame or embarrassment. I was creating my own personal hell by allowing...

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