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5 Ways to Increase Peace and Decrease Stress

I’m noticing that the older I get, the more I’m making peace a priority. I’ve learned that while there are definitely outside forces that can impact my stress level (if I allow it to), a lot of stress can be avoided by making better choices and being more intentional about how I spend my time and energy. I started this year with two resolutions: 1) Do the best that I can in all things and 2) Surrender to God’s will. Committing to my New Years resolutions has increased my productivity and peace while simultaneously decreased my stress and confusion.  Continuously striving for self-improvement has allowed me to discover better versions of myself and achieve greater success in all areas of...

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Why Social Media Breaks Are Needed

Social media has created a space for us to discover, connect with, and interact with people we likely wouldn’t be able to without it. I am a fan of social media. I have received great opportunities and met great people by being present on social media. Honestly, I have no idea where Women by Choice would be if I had not leveraged social media to gain exposure for our network, events, blog, and pretty much everything we do. However, after using social media consistently for many years, I have learned that taking breaks from it is necessary. As the founder of a global network for women who manages most aspects of our organization and coaches women to be empowered and...

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