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Forgiveness is Freedom

I forgive them. I forgive them without needing them to acknowledge what they did to me. I forgive them without receiving an apology. I forgive them because holding onto anger, resentment, disappointment, and sadness was weighing me down and holding me back.  I forgive them because that's what's best for me. For many years, I carried the burden of others ignorance, errors, evil, pain, insecurity, and negativity. When I wasn't blaming myself for why they treated me badly, I was harboring ill feelings towards them. Internally, I was an emotional wreck so I often sabotaged myself externally. I would allow my bad experiences with a few negatively impact my interactions with many. I would project the pain that one person...

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4 Ways to Get & Stay Happy

I am happy. Those 3 words mean a lot to me because for many years, I couldn’t say it and mean it. It took me some time to fully understand what “happiness is a choice” really means and apply it to my life. Looking back, I can totally see why I spent many days unhappy, discouraged, and even depressed. I was choosing to be unhappy because I was making others responsible for my mood, attitude, and confidence level. I was constantly in my feelings over the actions of others, worried about what others would say about my decisions, and afraid of failing because I didn’t want to feel shame or embarrassment. I was creating my own personal hell by allowing...

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