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Me, Myself, and My Sisters

“Never depend on anyone but yourself.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that or maybe even your own life experiences have caused you to think those thoughts to yourself. I totally understand where people are coming from when they make that statement because I have been disappointed a lot in my life by people, so much that at some point I built up walls around my heart to keep people from getting close enough to hurt me. However, the thing I learned about walls is that they don’t only keep other people out, they hold you in. Those walls kept me from not only giving love, but receiving it also. They stopped me from giving support to others so I...

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2018: The Excitement... The Fear

After the year I've had, I am totally and completely excited about the possibilities that 2018 will bring. I have accomplished things that I never imagined I would. I have completed goals far quicker than I estimated. Even with the natural ups and downs and growing pains I experienced, I can say that I have truly been living a blessed and purposeful life. Even though I am excited about 2018, I can also admit that I am scared as hell. For the first time since becoming an entrepreneur, I am feeling real fear. I am not talking the nerves I feel before getting on stage to speak or the anxiety I feel when planning an event. I am talking fear,...

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