You know what, sis? I think that deep down you know exactly who you are, what you want, and what you’re supposed to do to live your best life, but you keep talking yourself out of being who you were created to be and walking in your purpose. You keep denying your truth because it doesn’t match whatever you’re comparing it to. You keep running from the steps you need to take to move your life forward because you’re afraid. Afraid of what others will think or say. Afraid of failing. Afraid of taking on the greater responsibilities that will come if you succeed. If you were looking for a sign to trust yourself and what you feel is truly right for you, this is it. It’s time to stop overthinking and start moving in the direction of what’s in your best interest and for your highest good. I did and since then, I’ve been happier than I’ve ever been.

Based on the plans I set at the beginning of this year, I should be spending this month completely differently than I am. If I had stuck to my initial plans, I would be running around stressed and exhausted trying to meet others expectations of me instead of feeling at peace with myself and embracing my own journey. I would be working for others acceptance and approval instead of living in my truth and aligning with my purpose. I would be distracted worrying about others opinions and burning myself out trying to chase opportunities that aren’t a good fit for me instead of focusing on my personal development so that I can attract the best opportunities for me. You see, we all have choices to make and I made the choice to be myself, do what’s in my best interest, and walk fully in my purpose, even at the risk of losing, confusing, or offending others. What I’ve found is that with that choice comes way more peace, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Far too many people spend their lives trying to win by others standards and rob themselves of the opportunity to win in a way that fulfills them. What would you be willing to risk to be truly happy, healthy, successful, and confident in your own skin? I was willing to risk it all when I put all of the plans I had for this year on hold to get my mind, body, and spirit healthy. I was tired of pouring from a half empty cup. I was tired of feeling like I was losing myself in the process of trying to be everything for everybody. I was tired of putting band aids on problems and masking confusion and pain because I was too busy being strong and perfect for those who depended on me to be. So, I took a stand for myself and did something about it. I took a step back so that I could move forward stronger, with more clarity, and with the confidence needed to walk fully in my purpose. I took the time that I needed to pour into myself and sometimes that meant turning down opportunities, saying no, doing things differently than I always have, and releasing relationships that weren’t bringing out the best in me. It was difficult, uncomfortable, and even lonely, but so worth it. All of the sacrifices I made for my greater good, which to others may have looked like I was losing, actually resulted in me decreasing stress and anxiety, earning more money, losing weight literally and figuratively, and gaining more happiness and healthy relationships.

Within you is an innate ability to know what’s right for you and what will lead you to your highest good. Once you get in tune with who you are and start flowing with what aligns with who you are, you will unlock the doors to your wildest dreams and greatest peace. Sis, stop second guessing yourself and overthinking everything. Yes, take your time and think things through to ensure that you are making smart and wise decisions, as opposed to emotional or impulsive ones, but listen to that voice within you that tells you that you are capable of more, better, and greater. Don’t dismiss your big dreams or visions because they seem unattainable right now. Don’t convince yourself to settle for less than you know that you deserve because you are too lazy to do the work. And don’t be afraid to change, shift, and transform even when it makes others uncomfortable. You get this one life and it is 100% your responsibility to make the most of it. As of today, you know what life looks when doing things the way you’ve always done them. Don’t you want to find out what will happen if you show up every day as your best and truest self? From my personal experience, it is liberating and the results are amazing. Look at it this way, if you fail you can try again, but if you never try, you will never know just how much you can win.

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