Me, Myself, and My Sisters

“Never depend on anyone but yourself.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that or maybe even your own life experiences have caused you to think those thoughts to yourself. I totally understand where people are coming from when they make that statement because I have been disappointed a lot in my life by people, so much that at some point I built up walls around my heart to keep people from getting close enough to hurt me. However, the thing I learned about walls is that they don’t only keep other people out, they hold you in. Those walls kept me from not only giving love, but receiving it also. They stopped me from giving support to others so I never felt like I had the right to ask for help when I needed it. Those walls kept me lonely, sad, and feeling like no one cared about me, even though I was the one who was preventing people from getting close enough to show me how much they cared about me.

I had to make a choice to continue spending my life trusting no one and expecting the worst from everyone or take the risk of letting people in so that I can find those I am meant to connect with. I made the choice to trust that I am strong enough to handle the times when people don’t meet my expectations or disappoint me. I made the choice to stop using a few bad experiences as an excuse to remain in the uncomfortable place that I had become way too comfortable in, and instead used those negative experiences as life lessons to help me become a better, not bitter, woman.

Although difficult at first, the more I pushed myself out of my uncomfortable comfort zone and began allowing my true self and desires to be exposed, the more I began to attract women who showed me that being myself was good enough and my heart was safe with them. I soon found myself surrounded by women who pushed and encouraged me to take back control of my story. Many of those women are my Women By Choice sisters. Because of them, I have achieved things that I would not have been able to do by myself. I was once just one woman with a vision of women uniting, sharing resources, and supporting one another to win. Now, I am a founder of a global online community for women with local chapters in 6 cities around the United States. I have also become a published author, international speaker, empowerment coach, and hosted multiple successful events over the last 4 years, all because I made the choice to shift my mind from “Me, Myself, and I” to “Me, Myself, and My Sisters”. If that’s not enough, I have also had the honor of witnessing the pride my sisters display as members of Women By Choice and the pleasure of listening to the many ways Women By Choice has positively impacted the lives of women, connected success-minded women worldwide, and inspired women to strive to reach their full potential. My sisters thank me for my vision and I thank them for believing in me. We have helped each other to realize our individual and collective power. It’s so true when you hear me say, “when women support women, we all win!”

I went from limiting myself because I refused to depend on anyone else but myself to expanding my territory and increasing my opportunities because I made the decision to trust others enough to let them in, depend on them, and ask for help. We are all always one choice away from a completely different life. Are you willing to overcome your past and stop making excuses to settle for less than you truly desire so that you can move forward with creating and living your best life? If you’re ready for more, greater, and better, I’m here to connect and assist you with getting it.

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