Amazing things start happening once you begin to focus on yourself and your personal development. Your energy shifts, your perspective changes, your health improves, and you become a better person in general. For the past 15 days, I have been intentionally focusing solely on making the best possible choices for my life and, let me tell you, it has been a game-changer. In a short period of time, I have felt my confidence increase and my anxiety decrease. I am thinking clearer, vibrating higher, feeling lighter, and really proud of myself for pushing myself to achieve greater. I set a goal on July 1, 2019 to see just how much my life can change in 6 months if I get more disciplined and focused in the areas that matter most and I am already blown away by the results. I already know what life looks like doing what I’ve been doing so now I’m determined to find out how much greater it can get if I push myself further out of my comfort zone. My ultimate goal is to get as close as possible to reaching my full potential. I can only imagine what the woman staring back at me will look and feel like come January 2020 and I am super excited to meet her. I’m really excited for you to meet her too. In the meantime, I want to share with you some steps you can start taking now to glow up in your life.

  1. Eliminate habits that do not add value to your life. For me, that meant changing my diet completely. I recently gained some unwanted pounds because I was eating unhealthy. This caused other issues, including feeling more tired and discouraged and less creative and motivated. For the past 2 weeks, I have been fasting from sweets, processed foods, and meat. I have a rule now that if it isn’t healthy, it’s not going in my body. I also traded in watching television and mindlessly scrolling social media for reading books that inspire and encourage me. The combination of these choices has improved my mood, helped me to think more clearly and positively, and feel more healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. We all have the same amount of time and energy per day. However, the difference between the successful and unsuccessful is how they choose to spend their time and invest their energy. I encourage you to do more things that will give you a return on your investment and move your life forward.

  2. Set daily goals and achieve them. A really great confidence booster is to set daily goals and reach them. I can’t begin to tell you how accomplished and amazing I feel every day now that I have specific daily goals set to ensure that I am productive every single day. My morning routine includes prayer, meditating, journaling, reading, and exercising all before I officially start my work day. This way if any challenges come up throughout the day that interrupt my ability to reach my professional goals, I can still rest well at night knowing that I was successful at completing something that mattered and added value to my life. Plus, completing these goals in the morning sets the tone for my whole day. It gives me the confidence that I can handle whatever the day brings and I can do whatever I put my mind to.

  3. Take back control of your attention. This world has provided us numerous ways to be distracted from our purpose and our personal development. There’s constant messaging telling us who we should be instead of encouraging us to find out who we were created to be and discover what will truly make us happy. I can admit that I have been guilty of falling into that trap and letting trends sway me to go down paths that weren’t designed for me. However, one thing I have always said is, “what you focus on grows” so it doesn’t take me long to figure out when I need to redirect my attention. If you are focused on being liked by and impressing others, when are you focusing on finding and loving yourself? If you are focused on proving your value and worth to other people, when are you spending time investing in yourself and increasing your value? The thing about glowing up is, when you are truly happy, healthy, and confident, it will be obvious. Your skin will be more radiant, your energy will be more attractive, your presence will have a greater impact, and your actions will be more inspiring. People will be naturally drawn to you because they will see something in you that many struggle with truly obtaining and expressing… self-love. The goal is not to make people think you have it all together, the goal is to actually work on getting your life together and let the results speak for themselves. I have witnessed firsthand how working on myself has attracted opportunities I didn’t even apply for and opened doors I wasn’t even knocking on. People who I lost touch with are even popping up to reconnect with me. There is nothing like that self-love energy. Once you love yourself, people will take notice and love you for inspiring them to be themselves.

If you’d like to continue this journey with me, you are welcome to participate in the Grow Glow Win Challenge. You must be a member to access the She Wins Society Facebook Group for daily motivation, encouragement, support, tips, and accountability. Not a member? Join here today. Until next time, keep working and winning, sister!



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